Albuquerque Public Schools Tech Camp 2019

I had the great privilege of leading 3 sessions at my district's tech camp this summer and wow, I had a blast! It was probably the most rigorous speaking schedule I've ever completed- virtually nonstop from 8:30-12:15 but it was totally worth it! I presented about three of my very favorite tech tools:

1. Google Drawings
2. Edpuzzle
3. Screencastify

So many things blew me away about this experience but I have a few main reflections:

Tech is an incredibly POWERFUL teaching tool! I love seeing those ah-ha moments, whether it's a teacher or a student having their mind blown by all the potential they see with a tool, trick or hack! Some of the biggest ah-ha moments I saw in my sessions were
  • the /copy URL hack for Google docs, slides, sheets, etc.
  • Posting Screencastify videos as comments in Google Docs to provide feedback to students
So many teachers are hungry to learn! It's so easy for me to assume that my coworkers are complacent and fine with the notion of remaining stagnant in their teaching. While this is true for some teachers, it's important for me to realize that that's not the majority of teachers like I'd previously assumed. Most teachers aren't deadbeats or counting down the days until retirement- they're passionate about their jobs and are excited to learn about how to make school more meaningful and engaging for their students.  

Most of all, it was exciting to see next years APS Digital Innovator Cohort Hopefuls! I don't talk about this much, but during the 2018-2019 school year, I had the opportunity to participate in the aforementioned Digital Innovator Cohort. We were a small(ish) group of educators passionate about integrating tech meaningfully in our instruction. We collaborated on amazing projects together, went deep into ISTE standards, DOK and other tools, and most importantly, developed a powerful PLN of likeminded educators. This cohort was what made me want to blog, podcast (a huge failure, but that's cool!) and share what I've learned with whoever will pay attention. I'm so excited to see more educators in my district have the opportunity to participate in this experience, and share their skills! 

If you'd like to see my presentation materials, you can check them out on the Wakelet collection embedded below (did I mention how much I love Wakelet? You can see that on my Twitter feed for sure!)
I'm thinking about making YouTube video presentations for some of these trainings, so keep an eye out for that!